Wijk aan Zee – Aloha Wave Classic

This race option is scheduled throughout the year and on Sundays in the high season. Possible dates are: April 30/May1, May 7/8, Sept 11, Sept 18, Nov 5/6.


This race may be scheduled on any of the waiting days in the event of a prevailing northerly wind.

Zandvoort Cup

The Season opening is scheduled during the Easter waiting periods (March 26/27/28, and April 2/3).


This race is currently scheduled for the October waiting periods but is yet to be confirmed (Oct 15/15, 22/23). The dates will be covered by other locations if necessary.

Hoek van Holland

This race is scheduled to support Wijk both in terms of providing Saturday cover (Sept 10, Sept 17) if necessary, and cover to all locations in terms of a potential west or north east prevailing wind (with swell) (pending necessary harbor regulation agreements).